Filipino Christmas


Hi, there,My name is Mimi.I have been to the Phillippines and I have a teacher in Native Camp who introduced Filipino Christmas. I would like to share what i learned from her here in my blog.

Christmas starts in –Ber months.

Known to celebrate the longest Christmas season in the whole world are the Filipinos.Here in the
Philippines, we are very excited to celebrate Christmas. It is the season of giving for us. We put out our Christmas decors, play Christmas songs, and create lists for the people we are going to send gifts to. It usually lasts from September up to January 6th of the next year (Three Kings).

Christmas Carols

Children start singing Christmas Carols, in exchange for coins and some candies. If you gave them coins and candies, they will start singing, “Thank you, thank you, ang babait ninyo, thank you!” (Thank you, thank you, you are very kind, thank you!) Otherwise, they will shout “Thank you, thank you, ang babarat ninyo, thank you!” (Thank you, thank you, you are so niggard, thank you!)Simbang Gabi (Night Mass)

This tradition starts on the night of December 15 or at the dawn of December 16. We will make a wish and in order for that wish to come true, we need to attend 9 consecutive masses. There is no scientific explanation for this but we love doing this kind of thing. :)Monito – Monita

Here’s how it goes: Everyone will make their own code name, put it on a small piece of paper. One person will collect all those pieces of paper and put them in a jar. We will pick our Monito or Monita from the jar, buy gifts from them, and put them in a box. The gifts should match the criteria (i.e., something soft, something round, etc., and should be 100 pesos and up).

There are actually a lot of ways on how to do Monito – Monita, but this one is the most famous since it is simple.


Wow, it’s so interesting.When we exchange gifts ,we don’t set the rule.I think choosing the criteria makes the party exciting.

Noche Buena

Midnight of December 24, we all wake up to eat together at a table and greet each other “Merry Christmas”. We also start exchanging gifts.

These are only 5 of the number of traditions that we do during Christmas. In New year, we also have a lot of traditions like jumping 12 times at midnight on December 31 to be taller. We also make a lot of noises to cast out evil spirits. We prepare sticky foods, long foods, 12 round fruits, throw coins on the floor, and many more. We have each reason for that. We also wear polka dots for money.


Ohh that looks really delicious.I really want to eat Lechon .I cannot never forget that taste