~First Step~ 私が自分のホームページを作成した理由。         Why I started to have my own homepage.





Hi My name is Mimi.I’m a university student.I got interested in asset utilisation, body making and learning languages. In terms of studying asset usilisation, I didn’t spend my time studying that , which made me feel so bad.

However, something great had happened to me.I joined the event , where I met someone who would change my mind. She is working and expressing what she want to do as a freelance.After we talked a lot, we realized that we were from same university and same school activity.Thanks to her, I found it so fun and interesting to express something I like and share. Moreover, I thought that I would have an asset ,if I utilize it properly.This is why I’m here to have my own homepage.

This experience made me know how important meeting people is. You can never expect who you interact with and it’s so interesting because you are inspired and you get a perspective.

As Mark Elliot Zuckerberg in Facebook says , ” I think that more flow of information, the ability to stay connected to more people, makes people more effective as people.  But I also think in terms of doing work and in terms of learning and evolving as a person, um, you just grow more when you get more people’s perspectives and when you’re, when you’re more connected and have more of a flow from people. “ This is one of my favorite phrases. I hope you meet something new, interesting and inspiring:)