Japanese Christmas


Hi! Today’s topic is about our Christmas culture. You will know something new about Japanese Christmas after you read this post 🙂

What is X’mas?

If you go to Japan, you may see “X’mas” signs instead of “Christmas”. You will see “X’mas sale”, ”Happy X’mas”, “Merry X’mas, etc. This chapter will describe what Xmas is the easy way.

It came from the name of Christ in Greek. “X” comes from Χριστός(Christos).

Who we spend our time with during Christmas?

We spend Christmas with friends or significant others. There is a term that describes people who don’t spend time with their partner. They are the “くりぼっち(kuribotti)”, “くり(kuri)” means Christmas and “ぼっち(botti)” means alone.

What do we eat during Christmas?

We want to enjoy this holiday, so we like to eat something special. That’s why most people have chicken and cake for dinner.

What is the traditional thing we do during Christmas?

Since most of us are not Christians, we don’t do Christmas traditions. We celebrate Christmas by seeing Christmas lights. We also have a special dinner with our loved ones. Christmas is not our national holiday, so some people have to go to work on that day.

This is how we celebrate Christmas day in our country. I hope you enjoyed my article. Stay tuned for more topics about Japanese culture. Enjoy your day, Merry Christmas!